20 facts about Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is the guy with the perfect life. He is a successful neurosurgeon who tops his colleagues, to fill his ego and ambitious. He is handsome, famous, rich and can have whatever he wants. But the sun does not always shine for you. In the climax of his life, he nearly loses it all due to an accident. Strange feels his actions being returned as he will no longer use his hands, thus operate. No one can save him and that makes him even lonelier. After having lost faith he goes to Tibet to find magic arts, and here starts his Odyssey to mystic world. Thanks to the teaching of the Ancient One Dr. Strange learns a lot about magic and gaining the powers of Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto he becomes one of the most powerful character of Marvel. Strange represents the need to fight our everyday obstacles as well our inner demons to succeed and always croos the boundaries set by fate or other people. 

Doctor Strange Comic facts

20. Origins

Stephen Strange was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a medical doctorate from Columbia University. He is a 6’2 1/2” tall and weighs 180 pounds, with grey eyes and black-grey hair. Strange is a one of the most famous neurosurgeons and the general opinion about him is that of an occult scholar. 

19. Isn’t fate an accident?

Stephen Strange would lose his incredible ability in neurosurgery thanks to a accident that nearly killed him. Driven by a crazy ambition and ego to be the best, he experienced a car crush resulting fatal for his hands. After exhausting all medical opportunities Doctor Strange went to Tibet for a more mystic solution. 

18. Superpowers

Doctor Strange is one of the strongest characters of Marvel. His main superpowers include magic

Martial arts, teleportation, chronokinesis and energy manipulation. 

17. The chosen one

After meeting the Ancient One who discovered the power of spell and sorcery to Strange, she saw an incredible man with many gifts to become the most powerful sorcerer of all. As a result she gave him the powerful artifacts, including the Eye of Agamotto, as well the fate of the Earth. 

16. I would give everything to control time

Yes! Strange has an infinity stone, the one with time. He wields the Eye of Agamotto, which allows him to see past events, see through illusions or disguises, track beings by their magical emissions, open different dimensions portals’, etc.  

15. Some other ornaments 

It’s not just Strange who has powers. He has instruments that increase his abilities. The Cloak of Levitation is a mantel that allows Doctor Strange to fly. Also the cloak has the ability to react or even protect Strange when he is under attack or can’t defend himself. The Book of Vishanti is another artifact that provides Strange wisdom for different magic formulas. 

14. Aliases 

Stephen Strange or Doctor Strange, but the sorcerer has been known with many other names, such as: Master of the Mystic Arts, Master of Black Magic, Captain Universe, Sorcerer supreme, Sheriff Strange, Black Priest, etc.

13. Not just a selfish 

During his life as a sorcerer Doctor Strange has become part of many groups, mentioning: the Avengers, Illuminati, Infinity Watch, Midnight Sons, the Order, Secret Defenders and many more. Who wouldn’t want a guy with those powers?! 

12. Where do I come from? 

Stephen Strange is a character created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and he first appears in July 1963, at Strange Tales #110.      

11. Identity cover     

In the ’60 the creators made Stephen Strange a superhero with a mask. Following a traditional line which did not work for the sorcerer, the mask was later removed. Much better this way. 

10. Lovely spider

Thanks to many adventures that Strange had with Peter Parker, made them bith have a lasting friendship. Who doesn’t like Spidey!?  

9. You can find us at… 

We know Batsy works in a bat cave, while Iron Man has his own office full of gadgets. Fine! Doctor Strange stays and resides a Sanctum Sanctorum located in New York City. It is known as the greatest concentration of dark and occult phenomena in existence. The sanctum also is a gathering place for mystical energies. 

8. Don’t judge a book by its cover 

Because of the accident Stephen Strange felt lonely and somehow became even more skeptic with people surrounding him. But Strange has a great affiliation with Wong, his servant and his friend as well. Together they have traveled through dark and light not just as Master and servant but as brothers as well. People can change. 

7. You can’t avoid love, even when you have superpowers 

When strange passed some time into the Dark Dimension he met a female named Clea. She became the student and partner of Stephen and later his beloved. In search for more power she fell in the reign of Dark Dimension, but both of them met several times not forgetting their bond. Tell me love isn’t a superpower? 

6. Power leads to absolutism 

After meeting his former allies of the Defenders, unwillingly Strange and the others transformed into a group of authoritarians called the Order. Thanks to an old enemy called Yandroth, Stephen and the others realized their place and deeds. We want you on the good side Stephen. 

5. Adversaries 

Stephen Strange has fought many enemies, but the most memorable of them are Baron Mordo and Dormammu. Strange met Mordo when he went to the Ancient’s One to learn about mystic powers. Feeling jealous about Stephen Mordo left to find greater power, while Dormammu as the lord of Dark Dimension has been a lifelong enemy to Doctor Strange. Did I mention that Clea is Dormammu’s niece?  

4. Limitless

Thanks to the book of Vishanti and the eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange has the ability to master hundreds of techniques as well magic arts, making him not only a huge superhero but also expanding his skills beyond knowledge. Careful Thor, you might not be the strongest Avenger anymore. 

3. Illuminati 

Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, Namor and Mister Fantastic following the Kree Skrull war created a group called Illuminati. The heroes would meet a couple of times, only to discuss the events of high importance relevant to the Earth.  

2. The sorcerer under a spell  

When Thanos sent his troops to Earth to find the Illuminati’s members Maw fought with Strange. Not only he made Strange reveal what he knew, he also manipulated his mind to attack New York and summon Shuma-Gorath. Keep working harder Strange.  

1. What is life without irony?

Stephen Strange would be called Mr. Strange, but the creator skipped due to similarity with Mr. Fantastic. Also he must not be confused with Dr. Strangelove or Professor Hugo Strange. In the end the creators decided for Doctor Strange. Saved us a lot of misunderstanding.     

Doctor Strange Facts

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