20 Interesting facts about Captain America

Captain America is one of the most important fictional superheroes in the comic books. The character was created in 1941 by “Timely Comics”, thus he is even older than Marvel Comics itself. Cap is the symbol of America and embodies the patriotism that he has, showing it during the whole time. His costume is made out of the colors of the American flag, embracing even more his love for the country. After fighting in the WWII and helping in its triumph against the Nazi and Hydra, Cap was frozen for many years, but thanks to his super abilities, he survived and later became one of the most crucial superheroes fighting for justice and against evil. His eternal opponent is the Red Skull. Cap has proven himself a true hero and a symbol to the others. Thor the mighty himself, wanted Cap to inherit Mjölnir in case he died.

Interesting facts about Captain America

Below are 20 interesting facts about Captain America:      

Steve Rogers (first and main Captain America) was born on July 4th 1918, in Brooklyn, New York, to Joseph Harvey Rogers and Sarah Alicia Rogers. Steve is 6’3″ (192 cm) tall, weighs 250 lbs. (113 kg) and has blue eyes and blond hair.

Steve’s character was forged by his mother.

When he witnessed his father hitting his mother, she said to Steve “You always stand up”. This sentence affected him for all his life.   

Before becoming the Captain America, Steve studied fine art/illustration. He even won an art award.

Captain America’s costume and identity has been worn by more than 12 characters, in Earth-616 and alternate universes, with Steve Rogers as primary Cap, as well Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. 

Steve Rogers is the first genetically-enhanced perfect super soldier in the world.

When he decided to join the US army in the World War II, he wasn’t accepted because his poor health. Helped by a serum invented by Dr. Abraham Eskine, Steve Rogers gained strength, speed, intelligence, energy and fighting skills. 

Captain America is immune to all earthly diseases.

Captain America Facts

After receiving the serum, Cap never showed a weakness to different illnesses. He even healed after taking a bullet in the head.

Captain America underwent the program “Weapon 1”.

Wolverine was transformed by program “Weapon X”, which should be read “Weapon 10”. 

The shield that Captain America uses is made out of Vibranium.

It weighs 12 lbs. (5.44 kg) and has the ability to absorb kinetic energy, which makes it completely invulnerable to physical attacks.

The shield of Captain America is not completely indestructible.

Thanos, Dr. Doom, King Thor and Molecule Man have been able to break it.

Cap’s original shield had a triangular form.

However, avoiding a legal battle for property’s right, the owners of Captain America, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, decided to change the shape of the shield into the one we still recognize today.

Captain America is able to dodge bullets.

Captain America Facts: Captain America is able to dodge bullets.

He is able to throw his shield fast enough to intercept already fired bullets and avoid them. 

Cap was frozen for several decades and still managed to live.

In 1945, during a mission on an Icelandic base, after wrecking a bomb which was aiming the White House, Cap was caught by the range of explosion and fell into the Arctic Ocean. He was found decades later by a group of biologists. 

Captain America was the leader of “The Ultimates”.

After being awakened, Cap led a team with members: Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man and Wasp. 

Cap was not a founding member of the Avengers.

He joined the Avengers only when he was awakened from the ice. Although, one of the most crucial members, Cap was not an original Avenger. 

Captain America can be an expert in any weapon within seconds.

He can master any weapon in just seconds. Also Captain America has also been worth enough to wield Thor’s hammer multiple times in the comics, as well the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Captain America was able to master Zero Gravity Combat.

Thanks to his superpower he learned to fight in such conditions in a very short time. 

Captain America wasn’t always a justice model.

In civil war, when fighting Tony Stark, who supported “The Superhero Registration Act” meaning to force heroes to provide their information to the government, a group of civilians approached in support of Stark, thus Cap surrendered to Iron Man. Later he was indicted with several criminal charges. 

Captain America could have been named differently.

He was almost named Super American. During World War II, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby wanted a character with a strong political standpoint because patriotic superheroes were very popular at the time.

Steve Rogers became head of security of the President of the USA.

After defeating Norman Osborn, Steve accepted the offer of the President and embraced new role as Captain Steve Rogers. 

Captain America is an Olympian.

It’s been stated in older iterations, that Steve Rogers can run 1 mile for just a minute at his absolute peak.    

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