Adam Warlock Facts
Adam Warlock Facts

Interesting Facts about Adam Warlock

Adam the Warlock has a height of 6 feet 2, weighs 240 pounds, with red eyes, blond hair and has gold skin. He is one of the most powerful characters of Marvel. The history of Adam starts when some scientists who were trying to create a super army to control the world, miscalculate certain actions and as a result a powerful creation was born. Since the beginning of his life, Adam tries to understand where he belongs. He wants to fight evil, but sometimes gets confused, wants to be a normal human so tries to mate Lady Sif, wants to save the Counter-Earth and fights against the Man-Beast. Special about him is his cocoon, something he uses to regenerate himself. Adam dies several times, but still manages to revive himself. He teams up with mighty heroes and fights evil opponents as well. Adam is an incarnation of our duality, between good and evil, insecurities and free will.   

15. A mother? What is that? 

Maybe he is not the son the God as the Adam humans know, but he was formed in a cocoon, on a complex called the Beehive. Some evil-minded scientists, the Enclave, decided to create a perfect supernaturally human, just like a God. After waking up and finally watching reality and noticing the twisted minds of his creator, Adam (at that time known as Him) rebels and kills them. After that he flies to space as a free spirit without mom and dad. 

Adam Warlock facts – Mother

14. Die for her, kill for her… 

Many men would die or kill for their love ones. So would Adam, after he met his Eve and his Eve would be Lady Sif. Yep, Thor’s friend. Having kidnapped her, Adam would later encounter Thor and fight him, but given the fact that he was still young and had not explored all his powers, was almost killed by the Asgardian. So Adam hid I order to revive himself. If Romeo could die for his Juliet, so could Adam, somehow.   

13. Do we have a purpose in life? 

Adam was once created to be a superhuman and the people who tried that died. For the second time Adam was directed and taught to have a second purpose in life by the High Evolutionary, so that he could protect Counter-Earth and kill  He even gave him a new name “The warlock”. Despite everything, Adam has always tried to do well. Certain people would give everything for a compass in their life.   

12. Just like Jesus

Adam Warlock facts – Just like Jesus

After convincing High Evolutionary, Adam went to Counter-Earth to fight the Man-Beast. Unfortunately Adam was defeated, captured, crucified and as a result died. 

11. Cat has got nine souls…fine!  

Adam was crucified by the Man-Beast and by Thanos when he tries to honor Mistress Death by several dead stars as a gift to her. Also Adam dies in many storylines, but still manages to revive himself. Meow kitty. 

10. I name you Adam! 

During his path and long life, Adam was known as him, the Warlock, but who named him Adam? When he arrived to Counter-Earth, to fight the Man-Beast, he made friendship with 4 teenagers, Jason, David Eddie and Elle. In the process to help him, one of them also gave him the name Adam.  

9. Not only Vision

Vis has got the mind stone in his forehead. Think he’s the only one with an infinity stone, at his forehead? Guess again. Adam takes the soul gem (soul stone) from High Evolutionary to help him defeat the Man-Beast. So the soul stone is kind of his property as Vision holds the mind stone. 

18. An experiment like Rogers but way stronger  

Adam was born as the perfect being. His body physiology, his bone and muscles tissue are denser than the normal human being. Thanks to this he can transform cosmic energy for his personal use. Also he possesses incredible strength, velocity, stamina, fast healing powers and flying. When he had the possession of Soul Gem, he can trap anyone’s soul into the Soul Gem. With his cocoon like regeneration machine, Adam can revive his body. He can project cosmic energy and with this energy, he can move much faster and can create imaginary or hypothetical distortion of space–time that allow him to travel from one side of the galaxy to another.

7. Adam of the galaxy

Adam Warlock facts – Adam of the galaxy

The galaxy has multiple huge threats and you need someone to face them. Members of the Guardian of the Galaxy that we know teamed with Adam to defend the galaxies. Because of certain circumstances he is forced to leave the group for good.   

6. Some strong comrades 

During his life and revivals Adam has teamed with some highly strong companions, super-heroes from earth and other galaxies naming: the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Kang the Conqueror as well as the Avengers. 

5. Decent opponents 

Adam has faced some fearless adversaries. In order to marry Lady Sif he fought against Thor. To protect Counter-Earth he clashed with the Man-Beast. Also Adam has fought against the Universal Church of Truth, the Magus and Thanos. 

4. Strong enough to use the Infinity gauntlet

We know the obsession of Thanos and the infinity stones. Well Adam fought him in cooperation with some mighty heroes from Earth. As a result Adam got the gauntlet, went into God mode and ended the conflict. Worthy?

3. Close friend?

In Infinity Revelation we see kind of a bromance between Thanos and Adam. Maybe not like Steve and Bucky, but close enough. They are seen destroying different versions of one another, sharing a good time.  

2. Fight you inner demons

It is not a coincidence that Adam goes his life between good and evil. Somehow he tries to figure his place and realize what’s right. That is why his greater enemy is himself from the future the Magus. Adam even travels in future and finishes his own life.  

1. Perfection is all you need 

Adam was made to be perfect, without flaws and mistakes. It is the nature of man to try and reach for perfection. Adam somehow reflects that. He tries to be perfect, but actually is more human than everyone else, even though he was created as an experiment.  

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