Mysterio Facts
Mysterio Facts

Interesting facts about Mysterio

Mysterio is one of the most dangerous enemies of Spider-Man. Using illusion as a key weapon he manages to trick different people and make them think actions they have not really done. Mysterio is a kind of person who tries to prove himself to the world. He starts by making Spider-Man hated to the people by cheating him as a criminal and benefiting from it to become a hero. All his life he has been possessed by the idea of revenge making him a “Monte Cristo” of Marvel world. Despite the fat that Qunetin had several skills and could become an honorable man among others, he decided to use all of his abilities to the service of evil, that is why Mysterio fails to the end.   

20 Interesting facts about Mysterio

20. Appearance 

Quentin Beck (main Mysterio character) is 5 ft 11 inch tall and weights 175 pounds, with blue hair and brown eyes. He was born in New York and grew up becoming a successful special effects designer and stunt man in Hollywood.  

19. Not just only one 

There are at least three Mysterios. Quentin Beck was the first one, but the green costume and the purple cape has been worn also by two other guys, Daniel Berkhart and Francis Klum. 

18. An obsession for Spider-Man

Mysterio is one of the most usual adversaries of Spider-Man. To defeat him, he tried it all, pretending to be him, duplicating his powers, faking aunt’s May death, but still could not be victorious. 

17. Iron Man had a suit, what about Beck

Quentin Beck built his own costume, thanks to the abilities he possessed, like special effects and various stunts, he created a very powerful costume. His helmet releases gas to paralyze or make people have hallucinations and even create holographic images. It even protects him from the gas he spreads. His cape can electrocute people who touch it and his magnetic boots help Mysterio climb walls, jump at high leaps and create a kind of shield for his movements.    

16. You want the Spidey I want the Spidey

Spider-Man had many enemies, but he was that hated as to make them cooperate with each other to eliminate him. So Mysterio joined Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, the Vulture and Kraven the Hunter. They created the Sinister Six and fought Fantastic Four and the Avengers. 

15. And the Oscar goes to…

Quentin Beck went to Hollywood in order to become an actor. Not only he didn’t succeed, he also saw that stunts were not his thing. Even after leaving Hollywood Beck had an obsession with fame. In fact, after reading about Spiderman at the Bugle, he wanted to become a hero after trying to trigger him.  

14. Is it the car or the driver?

Mysterio does not have superpowers, yet he is a strong opponent and a dangerous enemy for Spider-Man. The only powers he has are being an expert stuntman, an illusionist, chemist as well an expert building robotics.

13. It takes guts to take a man’s life, even yours

When fighting Daredevil and trying to get him destroyed, Mysterio believing too much in his abilities ended up shooting himself. 

12. Earth, Hell, Earth

After dying Qunetin Beck would experience the consequences of his deeds in the land of Devil. The Pitiful one gave him a second chance and was returned back to Earth. 

11. New Earth, same habits 

After discovering a new universe, Mysterio created an android with criminal behavior to conquer the new Earth. But the evil is destined to fail, at least in comics. The police helped by Spider-Man figured out how to destroy the android and what was left for Mysterio, was his revenge towards Spider-Man. 

10. Kingpin, which Kingpin

New York has been the city for a lot of criminals, but only one Kingpin. Not the one you think, at least not when Mysterio is in town. That’s why he went to the Fisk tower, reached his office and just threw the big bad man out of his building.

9. An enemy for multiple superheroes

Spider-Man was not the only superhero Mysterio fought. Also he has clashed with Daredevil, Human Torch and even Iron Man. Even though he lost against them, he still managed to be a serious threat to them. 

8. It’s candid camera

Mysterio was once able to build a machine called Spider Slayer in order to track the genetic scent of Spider-Man. When the latter confronted the Slayer, Mysterio could film the identity of Spider-Man and was about to make it known to the world who the web guy was, but being surrounded by the police, the video was not made public. Careful next time Spidey. 

7. Mysterio as a destiny regulator

In an attempt to steal the Zodiac Key, Mysterio stated that he wanted it to rearrange things, so he could decide the events according to his wishes. Thus he ended up fighting Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy and Iron Man, even destroying Tony Stark’s suit, but unable to retrieve the key. 

6. A universal passport

Mysterio has proved himself to travel and move to different universes. Thanks to his abilities he found ways to enter multiple cosmos.

5. Making an apprentice

When Quentin Beck was jailed, he met a cellmate named Daniel Berkhart. He befriended him and taught all his secrets. Beck even baptized Berkhart as the new Mysterio only for the apprentice to seek revenge against Spider-Man in honor of his predecessor. 

4. You can only trust yourself 

Francis Klum, another guy who became Mysterio, when learned that his brother tried to rape Felicia Hardy killed him and tried to teleport into his body. Police accused Felicia for the death of Klum’s brother and when she was arrested Francis was able to kidnap her from jail. When he decided to reveal his past to her, she told him to give in. Klum felt betrayed and tried to kill her. 

3. Yor greatest battle is against yourself

Mysterio, Daniel Berkhart, fought the other Mysterio Francis Klum and Spider-Man. Klum could not beat any of them, but somehow managed to become a decoy so that Daniel could escape. 

2. The history does not start with you

Otherwise Berkhart who became Mysterio thanks to the fact that he was cellmates with Beck, Francis Klum bought the suit and always thought to be the only Mysterio, till the moment he met Quentin and fought Berkhart. 

1. Thank God it’s just an illusion

In a certain timeline in the future Mysterio was able to trick Logan and put some thoughts in his mind as Wolverine killed his team members. And with the X-Men gone Red Skull could easily triumph while Logan was left for a lot of times to suffer his “reality”.    

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