Interesting facts about Sersi

Sersi is a fictional character of Marvel that begins her story thousands of years ago. Born with powers and part of the Eternals, Sersi is a superhero who has many upside downs in her path. She wants to help humans but also neglects many times to be part of bigger gatherings such as the Eternals or the Avengers. She wants to love and feel love but many times she fails or has her heart broken. She has many powers but also falls to the manipulation that Proctor does to her. She leaves in order to find her peace but still returns at Earth again. She likes doing a social life among other humans but her nature won’t let her. Sersi is a true God, that even though she was blessed with many gifts, still feels, acts and loves even more than humans do. 

Interesting facts about sersi

20 Interesting facts about Sersi you might not know

20. Biography

Sersi was born in Olimpia Greece, from Helios and Perse. She is 5 feet 9” and weights 140 pounds and has blue eyes and black hair. 

19. First appearance

Sersi character was created by Jack Kirby and appears for the first time in Strange Tales #109 in June 1963 and at the Eternals #3 in September 1976.  

18. The beginning

The history of Sersi starts when the Celestials created the Eternals as an experiment,  a certain species diverting from the humanity. Sersi is at least 5,000 years old.  

17. Inspiration

Sersi is a character that firstly gets mentioned by Homer in Odysseus. She is famous for turning Odysseus friends in pigs. So Marvel copied this character and made her fictional for its fans. 

16. Superpowers 

Sersi has superpower as she can press and bench at least 20 tons, has amazing stamina, can heal herself extremely fast, read other people thoughts or project hers into their minds, is very good at causing illusions to other people, can mentally move objects, fly, release cosmic energy from her hands, can teleport within large distances, as well transform objects or people in whatever she wishes. 

15. A curriculum to love 

Sersi is an amazing fashion designer, exceeds in dancing thanks to her physique and can speak various languages thanks to the fact that she has lived in different places. 

14. Beyond time but still young

She is considered to be one of the youngest Eternals despite the fat that Sersi is really really old. 

13. Nicknames

Sersi is known not just as a beautiful and powerful diva. During her existence she has been known with many versions like “Circe”, “Serse”, “Sersy”, “Mesmer”, “Mistress of Illusions”, “Sylvia Sersi”, etc,. 

12. Earth calls 

Sersi has involved herself in the history of humankind many times. During the reign of Nero in ancient Rome, in Camelot when she helped Merlin the wizard to expose a deceiver, visited France in the XVIII century during the French revolution, as well New York in the modern times when Sersi became a famous entertainer for rich and influential people. 

11. Romances

In ancient Mesopotamia Sersi met Captain America who had traveled back in time. She then started a flirt with him, even when she was part of the Avengers. They both had several missions together. Lucky Cap!

10. The Avengers

Sersi joined the Avengers after inviting them to a party of her own. Despite having certain adventures with them and coming to their ad, she did not have quite a good time with the Avengers. In the end she even refuses an invitation from Tony Stark to rejoin the Earth mightiest heroes.

Sersi facts

9. I am Sersi

Just like Tony Stark when exposed himself as the Iron Man at MCU, Sersi doesn’t fear to show her true self to the other humans. Unlikely the other Eternals Sersi accepts who she is and the power she is born with and tries to help as much as she can.     

8. Nonconformist 

Sersi is not known for a common sense. She does not like the meetings with other Eternals, as shes often misses the appointments. Even when the other Eternals want to form the Uni-Mind Sersi still does not approve and acts on her behalf. For this reason the Eternals kind of hate her power to teleport as she can leave any moment she wishes. 

7. Quid pro quo

The one that came first to Sersi to ask for her help was Captain America. The Avengers needed someone with illusion powers. Sersi admitted to help Cap but in return she asked for a favour. Guess what? A date! 

6. A team of Gods 

Once Sersi joined Hercules and other superheroes like Thor, Venus, Silver Surfer and Daimon Hellstrom to stop the forces of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. 

5. Chercher la femme 

Sersi once became the instrument for a fight between the Eternals and the Avengers. Because the unstable nature she has the Eternals sent some of their men to retrieve her, but the Avengers would not let a member of their group being taken. The clash was avoided thanks to Sprite who knew about the love Sersi had for the Black Knight  and insisted that the latter be made her “Gann Josin” (two minds joined as a soulmate).

4. The master of  illusion being manipulated

Once Sersi was being manipulated by Proctor that she felt she was going insane. Thus Proctor made her attack the Avengers, but thanks to the interference of  Vision, which in fact was an anti-Vision version, the attack did not happen. Close enough!

3. The moment life makes no sense

Sersi when being manipulated by Proctor was ready to do certain crimes, that even Avengers believed she was culprit. When she learned this, she felt terrible and disappointed and destroyed their mansion. 

2. Worthy opponent

One of the mos dangerous enemies that Sersi has faced is Proctor. He is the one who manipulates her and nearly drives her mad to the point that she is closely to kill her friends and innocent people. 

1. The end 

Upon the arrival of the new Celestials and finding out the truth about their existence which was cultivating humankind because in their genetic codes the Celestials would find the solutions to beat the Horde, the Eternals ended up crazy and then fought each other or committed suicide including Sersi.   

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